Uses for Vinegar

If you lurk around surf the internets, then you may have already discovered these uses for vinegar.  If not, maybe this post will be helpful to you.

First, killing weeds and moss:

I have a lot of flat rocks in my yard.  This because the yard is, otherwise, muddy and nothing will grow which simulates grass.  However, I’ve discovered MOSS grows on the rocks—and it was ruining the looks of the rocks.  I used this formula to spray and then scrape off moss from the rocks:

4 cups white vinegar

1/4 cup regular table salt

2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid

Shake up, put in sprayer and spray liberally where you want to kill weeds and/or moss.  Do not get it on plants you want to grow—it, evidently, will kill them, too.  Then, once sprayed, scrape off the moss (which will come off easily) and re-spray the rock again to ensure it won’t encourage moss growth—at least for a while.

Here in pictures:

image  1/4 cup

image  This is dishwashing liquid, 2 tsp

image  4 cups of this

Put the mixture into one of these sprayers (it’s a pump-type) and use an old paint scraper to scrape off the moss.  Throw the moss away.


Here is an area I did last week:


Moss-free zone!

And here are some pictures of the side yard path which has flat rocks with a LOT of moss:


image  image


I think a little moss is charming—but this has almost taken over some of the rocks.  Since this is a damp area, the moss will regrow, but I hope it’s not for a while.


Above, a view of the side yard from the front of the house.

There has been recent big concern about Roundup in the news, so I feel much better about using natural ingredients for this purpose.  Yes, I know one can use boiling hot water to accomplish the same, but who wants to run back and forth from the kitchen to the garden area with a kettle?  In the summer?  When it gets in the 90’s?

I spray and scrape for about an hour and then do a little bit the next day.  So, maybe by July I’ll be done?

Use number 2 for White Vinegar:

A foot soak!

Sosew reports this is an excellent method to rid your feet of calluses and makes them very soft and smooth.  She emailed:

Girls I found a solution on the internet for dry scaly feet. Mine are very dry. Well nothing sounded harmful so I thought I am going to try this. the bottom of my feet get so dry it is hard to wear sandals without discomfort. I love to wear flip-flops so here is the solution.

1/4 cup Listerine  ( do not use the blue Listerine!)

1/4 cup vinegar

1 cup warm water

Put in one gallon freezer bag. Soak each foot 10-20 minutes. The skin just flakes off. It worked I was shocked. I thought best case I wouldn’t have stinky feet. I did each foot while reading email before my shower.


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